How to Find the Contractor You Really Want

Virtually all homeowners approach the contractor selection process with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Deciding to remodel your home is exciting, but it can also be a fearful because your dream home and thousands of dollars are at stake. Feeling confident that you'll choose well is difficult when these mixed emotions are present.

We have provided a list of 20 important questions to ask our references when you call. It may be handy to have this list near the phone when you call to make any notes. Please feel free to use the same list when calling any of our competitor’s references.

Summarized below are the simple questions to ask our references or any other contractor’s references you interview for your project.

1. Could they communicate well with the contractor?
a. Did the contractor listen to their concerns?
b. Did the contractor respond quickly to their questions and requests?

2. Were they pleased with the quality of the work?

3. Were they satisfied with the contractor’s business practices?

4. How close was the preliminary estimate the contractor provided to the final contract?

5. How did the contractor and homeowner resolve any differences that arose?

6. Did work crews show up on time?

7. Were the homeowners comfortable with the trade contractors the builder used?

8. Did the work crew clean up the jobsite daily?

9. Was the job completed on schedule?

10. Did the contractor fulfill his or her contract to the homeowner's expectations?

11. Did the contractor stay in touch with the homeowner throughout the whole project?

12. Was a project manager or lead carpenter on the site every day?

13. Was supervision adequate?

14. Did the homeowner find the contractor easy to reach?

15. If the homeowner hired an architect, how well did the contractor work with that architect?

16. Did the contractor hold regular progress meetings with the homeowner?

17. Would you use this contractor again without hesitation?

18. Was the contractor trustworthy?

19. Do you believe that you got good, satisfactory value for the money spent?

20. How has the contractor handled warranty claims?

I hope that this information is valuable to you and that your project is successful.


Michael Wenig